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Our purpose and strong values drive us.

"Our vision to accelerate the green transition has never been more relevant than now. I am proud to see our people’s contribution to our journey."

- John Hartvig Larsen, Partner & Managing Director

We’re passionately committed to renewable energy.

Our journey started in 2016 when Blue Power Partners was established to accelerate the green transition. We believed then and still believe the renewable industry can do faster and smarter by challenging the view of what is possible to force a change from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. From this, our name emerged:

BLUE: Directly linked to the planet.
POWER: Relates to renewable energy and our can-do mentality.
PARTNERS: Refers to our will to build strong and long-lasting partnerships.

Company values trust

We aspire to build a lasting company based on core values that not just live in the hallways but in people’s hearts. One of our core values, trust, has been an essential value in our journey. It lives in everything we do, and we trust that our people do their best for themselves, our people, our company, and our customers.

Based on a F.A.S.T culture and a high level of knowledge-sharing, we stay flexible and agile to develop sustainable solutions of high quality that make an impact that matters. Our journey has just begun. We pledge to remain innovative, pursue new ideas, and push the limits for a better future.

We are driven by our purpose.

Our purpose is simple and sustainable. We aspire to build renewable solutions that profit our people and our partners.


We are not only passionate about renewable energy, but we are also passionately committed to our people. We offer a sustainable working environment with a strong balance and healthy working habits to support our people’s efforts in accelerating the green transition. Our success depends on our people. 


The future of our planet is at stake, and there is no time to lose. We pledge to innovative competitive solutions and pursue new ideas and solutions to force sustainable change.

Trust company value


We develop profitable solutions that support our vision. We want to lead the way towards a future without fossil fuels based on competitive renewable energy solutions that will profit the future of our Stakeholders and our planet.

We aim to accelerate the green transition.

Our vision is to be instrumental in the green transition and contribute to a sustainable future.

We believe change is crucial, and we must act now. We are committed to renewable energy, and our passion is to develop solutions that accelerate a carbon-neutral planet.

Renewable energy ocean
Renewable energy ocean offshore

We challenge the view of what is possible.

Our mission is to constantly challenge the view of what is possible to force sustainable change.

Based on advanced data analytics, substantial industry insights, and our ability to adapt to new technologies, we innovate competitive solutions to accelerate the green transition for a carbon-neutral planet.

Strong company values drive us.

We believe that some values are inherent in our company and amongst colleagues. A professional and honest approach towards clients, partners, and employees based on Trust, Entrepreneurship, and Balance is an integrated part of our culture.

Our people are the foundation of our success. We aim to foster an entrepreneurial and sustainable working environment with a strong balance and healthy working habits to retain and attract talented people. We recruit talented people based on our values that do not just live in the hallways but in our people’s hearts.

To succeed in realizing our vision and mission, we must grow and develop, both as individuals and as a company. Our company values support us in enhancing our daily performance and bring us to a level beyond our current achievements.

2016 founded

Blue Power Partners was founded in Denmark in 2016, and today we have offices in 10 countries.

+325 people

By the year 2024, we expect to reach 400 employees, and onboard many more new colleagues to support our journey in accelerating the green transition. 

Trust company value

38 nationalities

We are a global company with a diverse team of colleagues from all over the world. We welcome employees regardless of personal background.