Orgination of renewable energy projects.

Origination of projects and locations.

Investors funding green energy projects are continuously exploring new projects and locations. Finding suitable projects to finance is a crucial task. Our dedicated team works to originate new projects worldwide by researching and analyzing new locations to find the right opportunities for our clients. All tasks can be classified in two broad classifications – country screening and due diligence for existing projects. 

Not all locations are suitable for renewable and Power-to-X projects. A country is initially screened to filter out less attractive locations, which helps save resources and time by focusing only on important areas with project potential.

Origination renewable energy
Construction renewable energy

Country and regional screening.

Our team of specialists assesses wind speeds, solar irradiance, and terrain to identify areas with high energy production potential, but excludes mountainous and complex terrain locations with constructability challenges unsuitable for generating assets construction. Based on the resource and terrain maps, the majority of the areas are eliminated, and only high-potential areas are further assessed. This enables us to move fast with our due diligence.


Our country screenings are data-driven and utilize Geographic Information Systems, where we collect and analyze data. Besides resource and terrain maps, additional data such as existing infrastructure like transmission lines, ports, railway lines, oil and gas utilities, renewable projects, etc., These aspects are assessed to understand and help structure a project base case.

We have worked with leading partners and OEMs with project origination of more than 30 renewable projects in 20 different countries.

Due diligence of project opportunities and transaction advice.

With Power-to-X projects being announced everywhere, our clients are frequently presented with investment opportunities. As with all projects, some projects are better investment opportunities than others. Our origination team evaluate project details and assumptions to ensure information validity and understand technical and financial implications on project execution and business case.

After assessing and cross-checking all the project details, clients are presented with our findings and ‘red flag’ analysis along with our recommendations on whether our clients should further invest their resources into a given project. We understand that project transactions are often associated with tight deadlines and our due diligence is concise and targeted for fast results to ensure our clients do not miss the right opportunity.

Solar power plant
Wind turbines

Since our foundation, we have worked with leading partners and OEMs with project origination of more than 30 renewable projects in 20 different countries. 

We understand all critical aspects of bringing an investment idea to life. From a ‘back of the napkin idea to a matured project concept with a dedicated project organization, we guide our clients all the way to ensure decisions are made on an informed basis.


Jesper Asmussen

Director - Origination & Modelling

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