We bring Power-to-X to the next level.

Power-to-X technology plays a key role in the green transition.

Power-to-X technology enables the production of green hydrogen by harnessing the intermittent nature of wind & solar resources and allowing the energy to be stored for later use. Electrolysis is at the core of Power-to-X technologies, which utilizes water and renewable energy to create green hydrogen.

The green hydrogen is subsequently derived into various “X” products such as green ammonia, green methanol, green synthetic fuels, or even green steel. Its vast applications across all the hard-to-abate industries defines the pivotal role that Power-to-X plays in the green transition towards a carbon-neutral future.

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Solar Wind

We are equipped to bring Power-to-X projects alive.

Our multi-disciplinary team supports the development of Power-to-X projects from the Origination phase all the way through Development and Construction. We have best-in-class competencies covering all key areas required for realizing a complex Power-to-X project.

We support clients throughout the entire project lifetime offering services such as:

  • Country screening and strategic project development
  • Conceptual design across technologies
  • Process plant expertise
  • Cross-technologies techno-commercial modelling & optimization
  • Development & construction management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Budget management & financial controlling
  • Environmental, permitting & consent management
  • Global Supply-chain insights & market intelligence
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Power-to-X plays a key role in the green transition, and we lead the way towards a carbon-neutral future.

A trusted techno-commercial partner.

Our Power-to-X team of experts has decades of proven experience within the chemical- and renewable industry mastering key disciplines such as process engineering and electrical engineering. We cover all phases of a Power-to-X project and support our clients making the right decisions, securing their interests, as well as helping them fulfill the ever-more important sustainability agenda.

Jesper Moos

Jesper Kold la Cour Moos

PtX team coordinator

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