Onshore Wind

Bringing wind technology to the next level.

A rapidly growing wind technology.

The onshore wind markets is more mature than ever. The turbine suppliers continue to advance the technology to achieve even better performance in an attempt to gain an edge over the competition.

Navigating in an industry with a high clock-speed can be a challenge for investors, as it requires them to be continuously up to date on turbine supplier products and expertise on the associated technological risks that come with new products.

Onshore windmill

We construct utility-scale onshore wind farms utilizing industry-leading best practices.

We have vast experience in assessing wind farm technology – from cutting-edge turbines to the foundations they are placed on, to the collection system transporting the power that the turbines generate, and finally to the substation increasing the voltage to match the grid requirements.

We are experts in wind technology, and we believe this technology plays a vital role in the green transition.

We are experts from early-stage assessment through project due diligence, contract negotiation, and, ultimately, construction. We support clients in reducing project risks and achieving a better ROI by selecting the most suitable technology for the site.

We organize ourselves in small effective project teams supported by highly specialized departments in a flat organizational structure, which we believe is one of Blue Power Partners’ core strengths.

Careers Blue Power Partners
Ingerd Søndergaard
Head of Wind & Solar Technology

Ingerd Astrid Soendergaard

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