Energy storage leverages the full potential of intermittent natural energy resources.

Manage your consumption more flexible with energy storage.

Renewable energy sources as wind and solar PV produce energy only when their energy sources are available. Energy storage can be utilized to reduce the mismatch between energy production and consumption by storing energy when there is a large availability of clean energy, which would then be used when the electricity demand is high and renewable supply is low. 

Energy storage

There are different energy storage solutions available today, and we always perform technology-agnostic analyses and evaluations, covering the whole spectrum of energy storage technologies, to select the most suitable solution for each project. Our track record exceeds multiple GWh of storage capacity covering all sorts of storage technologies. We offer full support from the early phases up to FID and COD.

Our technical specialists are experienced with energy storage technical assessment and evaluation, due diligence assignment for energy storage assets, advisory with respect to procurement, timeline, and budget, assumptions on construction costs, equipment costs of energy storage systems, and supplier screening.

Flexible energy storage solutions
can handle variable nature of
renewable energy sources.

We can support clients with ITE control and permitting, application process, EPC contracts management, subcontractor negotiations, construction, and project management amongst other things. The whole project lifetime spectrum from staging from as early as origination stages Storage technology selection/concept is analyzed to fit the project-specific requirements. Key focus areas that are assessed include, but are not limited to, operational lifetime, response time, start-up and shut-down time, efficiency, technology readiness, and CAPEX/OPEX level.


Our energy storage specialists review the technical assumptions of storage technology companies, and they also support the post-operation model to understand the operating schedule after COD. Our technical capabilities are very well complemented with our very powerful bespoke modelling capabilities ensuring our clients the selection of the most feasible techno commercial suitable solution with the highest added value creation.

Energy storage

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Nikos Chrysafis

Nikos Chrysafis

Techno-Commercial Storage Specialist
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