We foster green solutions that profit our people & planet.

We challenge the view of what is possible to accelerate the green transition.

We take action for a better future.

Blue Power Partners was founded in 2016 with a clear vision to accelerate the green transition. Ever since, sustainability has been deeply embedded in our strategy and business activities. We are committed to developing renewable energy solutions that support a carbon-neutral planet, as we believe change is crucial. 

Each day, our passionate people work hard achieving our vision by developing new renewable energy projects that generate clean and affordable energy. We are committed to taking action for a world that runs entirely on clean energy.

Renewable energy

Actions we have taken in our work with people.

Our people are the foundation of our success. We aim to foster a sustainable working environment with a strong balance and healthy working habits for our people. We value diversity and inclusion, and we stand for people having equal opportunities despite gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation religion or belief. In our work to support people, we work with below initiatives: 

  • We are committed to having a workplace that is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.  
  • We aim to foster an inclusive and respectful culture based on our core company values; Trust, Entrepreneurship and Balance. 
  • We are committed to promote internationally recognized human rights and we expect our people to speak up, if they experience any unacceptable working conditions or behaviour.
  • We support the promotion of a positive health and safety culture and continuous improvement hereof. 

We accelerate the green transition to support a greener planet.

We take responsibility towards a stronger planet and sustainability is a top priority. We are motivated by developing profitable renewable energy solutions that benefit the future of our planet. 

Based on our strong company culture and a high level of knowledge-sharing, we stay flexible and agile to develop sustainable solutions of high quality that make an impact that matters. We pledge to remain innovative, pursue new ideas, and push the limits to preserve our planet. 


Our contribution to the SDGs.

Sustainability goal 7

Affordable and clean energy.

Our vision is clear. We develop renewable energy with the aspiration to accelerate the green transition. Because the industry can do faster. Our sustainability efforts are closely linked to our vision and purpose. Thus, we focus on efforts towards SDG 7, which is directly related to our business. Every day, we work dedicated to ensure affordable and clean energy for the sake of people and planet.