Conceptual Design

Concept development – the Power-to-X blueprint.

We establish the most profitable business model based on proven configurations.

Concept development is the first step of the multi-phase process involved in designing a Power-to-X project, and it involves a set of disciplines that contribute to identifying the optimal design and cost within the boundary of permitting and consent. 2D and 3D models are the foundation for describing the proposed Power-to-X configuration defined based on the optimal design variables and operating conditions.

Solar power plant
Windmill renewable energy

The foundation for detailed design work is laid by collecting data and identifying key project specifications such as available renewable energy resources, existing critical infrastructure components and potential infrastructure gaps, thereby defining the ideal project location and the optimal final product.

Concept development is the first step of the multiphase process involved in creating a new Power-to-X project.

Our engineers, project managers and permitting specialists are driving the development of:

  • Project configurations scenario analyses
  • Plot plans and land requirements for site control
  • Mass and energy balance calculations
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Business model techno-commercial inputs (e.g., equipment cost)
  • Project descriptions & data inputs for initiating the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We are always looking for new talents.

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Henrik Grove Poulsen

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