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Offshore wind - leading the green transition.

Transportation & installation - offshore wind projects.

At Blue Power Partners, we are specialized in Offshore Wind – a technology that has enormous potential in the green transition, as it is a very reliable energy source. Our dedicated Offshore team of pioneering specialists is experienced in understanding the links in the offshore logistics chain, finding opportunities for innovation and optimization, and delivering sustainable solutions to cater to the project needs.

We offer T&I management across all packages from the early strategic phases through the actual build period of the projects. We are highly experienced in understanding the technical, commercial, and strategic elements of all steps between the factory and a fully operational windfarm, as well as the interdependencies of other project work streams, the supply chain, and the local stakeholders.

Proven experience in all aspects of the transmission system.

As offshore wind technology grows, so does the need for exporting the energy produced to the shores, which is delivered to the grid or into a power-to-X infrastructure. Our experienced electrical engineering and project management team ensures that all aspects of the transmission system, from the generating assets to the point of delivery, including cables and onshore and offshore substations, are catered to.

Floating offshore wind is a rapidly growing technology that plays a key role in the green transition.

The vital role of offshore floating wind.

Floating offshore wind is a technology with huge potential and is considered a key component in the green transition enabling offshore wind to service new important markets. Blue Power Partners has, through its project management role on the TetraSpar Demonstrator project and the subsequent engagement in a portfolio of commercial-scale projects, gained a unique knowledge in the development and construction of floating wind projects.

Besides the T&I and transmission engagement, we are within floating projects as well supporting with engineering management services – Floating Engineering. Our team of specialists provides our clients with world-class service covering the entire lifecycle of a floating offshore wind project, from scoping of the project through the phase of construction.

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