New ESG initiative

New cooperation with Nordvirk

Recycling and reusing of IT-equipment
We are excited to share with you a new initiative that aligns perfectly with our commitment to ESG principles. In collaboration with NordVirk, a local company in Aalborg, that acquires second-hand equipment from companies to ensure environmental responsibility and data security while handling a high-quality refurbishment process. 

It is a great opportunity to collaborate with Nordvirk to ensure that the retired IT equipment can be repurposed and benefit others, consequently reducing environmental impact. 

Contribution to a circular green impact
As the rapid pace of technological advancement often leads to a surplus of electronic devices that can contribute to environmental challenges, we have decided to take action, and we are proud to contribute to the circular economy model, where resources are used more efficiently, promoting sustainability and minimizing waste. 

Our choice to opt for reused technology aligns with our ESG values, and we believe that small actions can create a significant positive impact.