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Global career development opportunities

Meet Jeppe Hammershøi Laursen, who is gearing up for an amazing journey next semester as he sets off to our Australian office for an internship adventure.

Jeppe has been employed at Blue Power Partners as a Junior Analyst since 2021, working in our Onshore Wind & Solar team next to his studies at Aalborg University. “When I joined Blue Power Partners, I never thought about the possibility of taking my internship in another country but working at a global company with colleagues located worldwide, I became keener and keener on this adventure.”

His mission down under? Besides learning how to surf and running the Melbourne marathon, his focus will be on enhancing knowledge-sharing processes globally to optimize internal processes. He will join our growing team located in the heart of Melbourne.

“I am excited to join the Australian team, embrace a new culture and turn those rays of sun into power-packed ideas. I am ready to ride the renewable wave in Australia really dig down into how we can be better at knowledge-sharing, both at our local offices but also globally.”

As a company that puts our people first, we are thrilled to support Jeppe on this adventure, as career development is an important part of our culture, and when our people grow, we grow.

Stay tuned for updates as we follow Jeppe’s internship journey!

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Jeppe Hammershøi Laursen