Employee Stories

A female frontrunner, meet Emily Brebner

Meet Emily Brebner. A female frontrunner within renewable energy who joined Blue Power Partners in June 2021 as our 3rd employee in Australia – a team that today counts 24 employees.

Emily has been a vital part of our journey, starting as a development engineer and now working as a manager in our development team. “As a manager, I find it important to be transparent, and I value a feedback culture to promote employee engagement and satisfaction.”

“Working as a young professional at a start-up with a strong purpose allows people to touch on tasks more easily and gain expertise. To me, this was an essential part of my decision to join Blue Power Partners, as I wanted to learn and gain knowledge on stuff that might be out of my scope at an environmentally focused company, as I have always been keen to work within an industry that benefits our planet.”

“I have always been environmentally conscious and wanted to make a difference that really matters for the planet. Back in high school, I did a project on renewable energy, and I have worked with it ever since, as I find it meaningful – even on bad days, I feel that I am contributing to a greater good. Going forward, I want to make a difference in the green transition and for women working in renewables – these are subjects that are close to my heart, and I am thankful for being able to combine these in my daily work.”