Employee Stories

How do we support a healthy work-life balance? Meet Anandhi Ganesan

Meet Anandhi Ganesan, who works as Team Lead in our Origination and Modelling department in India. She joined Blue Power Partners in June 2021, as she wanted to join a company where she could make a difference and contribute to the green transition, combined with the possibility of empowering her as a female software engineer. 

On a daily basis, she and her team members collaborate closely with colleagues from Denmark by supporting their ideas and assumptions with technical software solutions.

In her position as lead, it is important for her to support our company culture and company values: trust, entrepreneurship, and balance: “As leaders, we must support our people in having a healthy work/life balance. We must shed light on balancing work and private life to secure our people’s well-being and motivation. Personally, it is important to have time for my family. I love spending time with my two daughters and teaching them new skills. I am proud to be their female role model and learn about the importance of renewable energy.”

“I know that renewable energy will change the world, and I work hard every day to make the impossible possible for a greener future. I am proud to be part of the green transition by supporting our Power-to-X department with software solutions.”

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