Employee Stories

Turning a passion for renewable energy development into a career

Meet Beth Scott, Renewable Energy Development Manager in our Australian team, and learn more about how to turn your passion into your daily work.

Beth has always been interested in renewable energy development, which has been the focus of her career aspirations since university. This made joining Blue Power Partners a natural choice for her, as our aspirations for the future of green energy aligned perfectly with her own.

“BPP’s focus on developing renewable energy and the investment of Copenhagen Investment Partners, the largest renewable energy investment fund in the world, was a huge drawcard for me. During the interview process, I was also drawn to the people I would be working with and the culture they were building. It was a high-energy atmosphere that celebrated diversity of all types, working towards a common goal.”

Beth came to Blue Power Partners from consultancies focused on technical engineering in the dams and hydropower space. The skills she brought with her as a chartered engineer have been valuable assets for us and allowed Beth to quickly adjust to her management position.

“I was already familiar with project lifecycles and what makes a project successful. So, when applying these skills to renewable development, I get to be in the driving seat, taking the project through to operation. My role allows me to positively influence project outcomes and ensure that the project is given a fair and accurate assessment of its feasibility and commercial viability.”

Joining a team dedicated to accelerating the green transition was a huge drawcard for Beth, as it has allowed her to apply her skills to projects that will create positive climate outcomes and energy security for many years in the future. It is not only her career aspirations that have made her so keen on being part of Blue Power Partners, as she explains:

“BPP is an amazing international company in an industry that is really taking off. We are a group of dynamic and driven individuals working together to achieve a better future by developing renewable energy projects in Australia and around the world. I am proud of the work we do, and I am excited about the continued focus on renewable energy solutions. I hope this will be what my generation will be remembered for.”

Looking towards the future, Beth is excited to see the continued growth of our Australian team, as she believes the future of energy development lies in focusing on renewable solutions. She sees it as essential that we keep on growing our team while continuing to develop our people’s skill sets through knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments.

“I am heartened by the many targets and goals that are set to develop renewable energy and provide clean energy around the world, but to achieve these, we need to continue to scale up our skills and knowledge to deliver on projects like those that we at BPP Australia are working on. These projects fit perfectly with my values, and I can’t see a better way to contribute to a cleaner, greener future than working for a company that aligns with my vision. I can’t wait to see what we do next!”