Employee Stories

How to expand upon a global organisation while maintaining core values?

Meet Jan Kjaersgaard Poulsen, our head of A&D in the AMER region, and learn more about how he helped expand BPP´s reach in the US market.

When expanding a globalized organization´s reach, it is essential to be open to new ideas and perspectives while maintaining a strong company culture. So, when our ever-growing company decided to establish a dedicated US branch, Jan was the perfect candidate to lead our expansion, having already had experience with this in his previous employment:

“At my former employer, I previously helped establish and build our new branch office. So, when I saw the chance to help BPP expand our reach further into the US market, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to support our company´s future growth and success.”

Although we were already an established name in the renewable energy industry and were providing our services for the globalized market, the continued growth of our company and the industry in general called for an expansion of our company´s reach. Creating a dedicated branch to the US market was, therefore, a necessity, as it allowed us to work closer with each client´s specific needs while also allowing us to adapt faster to the different challenges each market faces.

However, being an international company with branches all over the world provides a unique set of challenges when establishing a dedicated office for each region, as Jan explains:

“Being a company such as ours, it was first of all necessary to find a suitable location for the new office, as it would need easy airport access to accommodate our employees traveling between offices. Additionally, we had to find a location that was attractive to new employees while still being cost-efficient. We were already working in the AMER region with an established client base, so our role and opportunities in the market were already laid out for us. Therefore, most of our initial tasks when setting up the office came from things such as arranging office space, utilities, furniture, and the necessary equipment.

Throughout the establishment of the branch, Jan ensured a constant flow of information between the new branch, our head office in Aalborg, and our other branch offices. This has allowed our core values of trust, entrepreneurship, and balance to continue to be an integrated part of our company culture and hiring process, even while rapidly expanding.

“Our core values being so ingrained in all that we do is one of the reasons that I feel that BPP has a unique position in the market. On top of this, we offer a full range of project services from origination all the way to asset management, and our many offices across different time zones allow us to provide support for our clients around the clock, making BPP a truly unique competitor in the industry of renewable energy.” – Jan continues.

Even now that we have already created a strong presence in the US market, Jan is continuously looking towards new ways to continue supporting our growth and reach in the region:

“Having recently moved into our new office in The Woodlands north of downtown Houston, it would be easy to become complacent and just look back at how much we have grown since establishing our first US office. However, I am not the type to sit back like that. I will continue to be on the lookout for new ways to further build upon our client base, and by increasing our company´s visibility and recognition through marketing campaigns and participation in industry events and conferences, I hope to keep attracting top-tier talent in the region.”