Employee Stories

From Electrical Manager to a global leadership role in engineering

Meet Francesco Grande, Head of our Transmission & Electrical Department and learn more about how Blue Power Partners supports internal career development.

As Head of Transmission & Electrical Department and Director of Global Engineering, Francesco is overseeing and involved in a wide range of different projects, as he provides technical solutions, while also constantly being on the lookout for ways to further improve upon the performance of the team.

“In both my roles there is the “management of people” aspect. This is the most important part of this role to me. I aim to be the person to whom everyone in my team can always rely on and make sure that I am always there for them, and ready to step in when they need it. Empathy and kindness are the two things that characterise my view of management, as I believe we need to always support each other”.

Francesco began his professional life in Italy and have since then worked in both the UK and Saudi Arabia, but after some time in the UK he fell upon a job opening at Blue Power Partners. This drew him to Denmark, and he immediately fell in love with the country and decided to lay down his roots here.

“The one reason I moved to Denmark is to work for BPP. I was looking for an opportunity to continue expanding my own skillset and a place where I could further develop myself, and after moving to Denmark I just knew that BPP was where I wanted to be. I now see myself as a citizen of the world, as I have lived and worked in several countries. This has opened my mind and given me a different perspective on the diversity of humanity.”.

Moving to another country will always create some challenges of adapting to new culture and new work surroundings, here Francesco highlights how our core value of Balance supported him throughout the transition period he was going through:

“In BPP I was given the opportunity to benefit from this important value. Balance boosts my motivation to keep pushing when duty calls. It is the value that brings synergy between our personal objectives and the company’s goals.”

Initially, Francesco started with us as an Electrical Manger in the Offshore team. However, it did not take long for him to gain more areas of responsibility as he after only five months with us established what is now our Transmission and Electrical Department. A department that now houses members in Korea, India, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, and Canada. Something that Francesco is incredibly proud of:

Seeing the Transmission and Electrical department, all coming from different backgrounds, working together through knowledge-sharing and collaborative efforts, I can’t help but feel rewarded that I could contribute to making this possible. They are now a fully functioning organisation, spread across many countries, where its members bring together their different specialisations of Electrical Engineering, all contributing to the improvement of each other.”

Although this was already an impressive development within Blue Power Partners, he didn’t stop there. At the beginning of 2024 he as well established the Global Engineering Organisation across EMEA, AMERICAS and APAC Regions. Francesco highlights how this would not have been possible without another one of our core values at Blue Power Partners, that of Trust:

“My managers dedicated their time to listen to my ideas and suggestions, and not even just that. They put their trust in me and gave me the chance to bring these ideas to life. That is why, I think that it is important to keep prioritising internal resources. Even if our internal candidates need some development to fit into these future positions. This Trust is part of the core of BPP and something I believe we truly excel at.”