Employee Stories

Developing internal talents: From internship to Junior Development Engineer

Meet Alba de la Viuda Rodriguez, a Junior Development Engineer in our Development EMEA department. 

Alba joined Blue Power Partners in 2023 to do her internship for her Master’s in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management at Aalborg University. After finishing the internship, she decided to stay with us and continue building on her professional skill set.

“I first learned about BPP from a colleague on my Masters who had a student job there. What caught my attention was that they were not only focused on traditional renewable energy development but also heavily focused on other solutions, like Power-to-X.”

When Alba finished her internship, she was offered a position as a Junior Development Engineer in our Development EMEA department. This position aligned perfectly with her aspirations for future career opportunities, and she quickly accepted it.

“I knew that I wanted to work in the renewable energy sector, but I was unsure in what way exactly to do it, and I was trying to figure out which possibilities there were for me. BPP helped me find that focus, and through them, I found the path I wanted to continue on.”

Moving into her new position at Blue Power Partners allowed Alba to move to our department in Zaragoza to continue her work for us. Here, she is responsible for a multitude of different tasks, as her role allows her to explore the many objectives that come with being in the renewable energy sector.

Through my time with BPP so far, I have worked on a variety of tasks, such as reviewing technical projects for the 30% design, helping with contract and document control, comparing offers from engineering vendors, collecting data from MetMast in the field, and internal department management tasks.

Alba had always planned to move back to Spain for work after finishing her master’s, so when the opportunity came up, it was clear to her that this would be the next step in her career. However, moving for work will always present a unique set of challenges, so Alba was happy to receive support from Blue Power Partners after her move.

“I knew that I wanted to work in Spain for some time, but in a global context like what BPP provides, From the start, BPP has supported my journey and allowed me space to grow into the role I have today. The tasks I have been assigned have challenged me to learn a wide array of different things while also allowing me to build on my abilities. My time in Denmark has really opened my mind to new cultures on a level that just traveling on holiday does not allow, and I have become aware of more of the small, uncommon things that are usually taken for granted.”

Blue Power Partners’ culture heavily focuses on a healthy work-life balance and internal career opportunities, which Alba highly appreciates.

“BPP offers much more than just work. I have loved meeting new colleagues and getting the chance to meet them outside work hours. Moreover, BPP has offered me great flexibility by allowing me to write my master’s thesis while I do my work as well. Another highlight for me is how I have seen several new positions filled internally throughout my time, which shows the possibilities of the future.”