Employee Stories

Bringing PtX to the Next Level

Meet Anne Krog Jensen, who has joined the PtX team at Blue Power Partners as lead for our Conceptual Design & Engineering. Anne has previously worked with renewable energy solutions at Haldor Topsoe and COWI, and she contributes with many years’ valuable experience of PtX and the conversion of PtX into hydrogen, methanol, ammonia or jet fuel.

Her experience also involves production of e-fuels as well as biofuels and various chemical processes including electrolysis, methanol synthesis, ammonia synthesis, synthesis of jet fuel, pyrolysis, gasification, etc.
Anne states: “I am grateful to be a part of Blue Power Partners, and I am already quite busy with new exciting PtX projects. The huge pipeline of opportunities convinced me that this company wants to be front runner when it comes to PtX technology, and I wanted to set my footprint. After only three weeks, it is clear to me that Blue Power Partners is driven by an entrepreneurial, can-do-attitude, which makes sense to be and is fully aligned with my personal values and priorities”.